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Here at 4Ward Mortgages we believe that tailoring a mortgage and protection package that puts you the customer first every step of the way is key to ensuring your finance and property goals are met.

We have access to 1000’s of mortgage products and a range of protection providers to help ensure we find products to meet your needs.

Our experience.

We have over 20 years experience.

” Beginning my career in finance back in 1997 I have now achieved one of my career goals, to start a mortgage and protection business that puts the customer at the heart of what we do, 2020 in the middle of a world pandemic 4Ward Mortgages was born to help customers up and down the UK secure a mortgage tailored to their needs.” – Mark Ward.

Our service.

The service at 4WARD, is second to none.


Make sure you find the house you want

We'll go to work and find you the deal to suit you.

Collect the keys to your new house.

Our lenders panel is huge.

We work with over 70 lenders, which ensures a great deal for you.

We have a large panel of lenders which we are able to use to secure your mortgage, having such a large variety allows us to find the most competitive deals available on the market – providing you with the most suitable mortgage plan available. You can view our entire panel of lenders by clicking here.

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Please use our free monthly repayment calculator to calculate & estimate what your mortgage could Potentially cost you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mortgages and protection can be confusing, see the most commonly asked questions and answers, to put your mind at rest.

Why life insurance is so important when you're a parent.

It goes without saying that raising children can be expensive, so your income, or that of another household member, is often the only way to pay for the everyday costs that come with looking after a child.

If you or someone you rely on were to pass away, it would take its toll financially, in addition to the emotional stress. Life insurance is one way to have a safety net in place.

Why life insurance is so important when you're moving home.

If you have life insurance, it’s a good idea to regularly review the cover to make sure it’s right for you and your current circumstances.

When you sign up for a policy, the extent of cover – how long it lasts, and how much it would pay out – is based on your financial situation and commitments at that time.

But these can change. Your life insurance policy needs to change as well to ensure your family is fully protected if the worst happens to you or your partner, so when moving home it’s important your cover still meets your needs.

Why life insurance is so important when taking out a new mortgage.

Mortgage life insurance can be used to help your loved ones pay off your mortgage if you die. 

This type of life insurance is often sold as a decreasing-term policy so, as you gradually pay off your mortgage, your pay-out reduces over time. A mortgage life insurance claim typically pays out as a lump sum.

It’s designed to protect your loved ones if you die before your mortgage has been paid off. It will provide them with a lump sum so they can clear the mortgage debt and have one less financial burden at an already difficult time.